Surveys outside the box.
Ask questions using audio, video, and images. Get responses back in audio, video, images, and location information.

Transform your surveys into mutual storytelling opportunities that help you to see, hear, and cultivate your most engaged stakeholders.
How does it work?
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Shinebig is a cloud-based web service that makes creating engaging multimedia surveys as quick and easy as pressing the record button.

Record or upload your media. Select a template. Launch.
You can also use Twitter mentions or direct messages to create surveys:
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Shinebig surveys ("queries") are customizable, embeddable, and responsive.
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Moderation capabilities are built into the Shinebig system; curate responses for publication on your website or social media channels.

Shinebig tracks views, media plays, and clicks for each query:
We also track general geographic distribution:
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Share responses to your query with Shinebig's display feature. Content can be presented in gallery, playlist (audio or video), or map formats. All display formats are customizable, embeddable, and responsive.

Where do you want to go next? (Responses)

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Embedded below is an example of a map.

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Shinebig features also include:
  • Ask questions using video, audio, and images. Get responses back in video, audio, images, and location information.
  • Generate content.
  • Identify and cultivate your most engaged stakeholders.
  • Internally view, moderate, download and/or display responses.
  • Set your own TOS.
  • Customize all post-submission messages.
  • Embed on any website with a few lines of code.
  • Responsive.
  • Link to your Shinebig survey from anywhere.
  • Make your surveys a point of engagement.