Boost Audience Engagement.

Discover your brightest stars with Shinebig, a personalized video platform your audience can reply to. Amazing audience engagement as simple and easy as recording a 30-second video!

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More Engagement and Content As Easy As 1-2-3

 Record a Video

Takes less than 30-seconds to record a video that resonates with your audience. Start a conversation by asking a question, issuing a challenge, or requesting feedback.

 Share Your Link

Next, Shinebig creates your engagement page with its own unique link and QR code. Share the link in emails or social channel posts like you would share a link to a survey.

 Download the Content

View and download your audiences responses for your content needs. View and export engagement metrics. Use data to develop deeper insights and learn more about your audience.
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In 30-Seconds (Or Less)

Record short, audience-personalized videos and instantly create Shinebig engagement pages - each with its own unique url & QR code.

Stars of the Show

Your audience can submit their audio, video, or photo responses to your audience-personalized videos. Put your audience in the spotlight!

Engagement -> Content

Shinebig makes it quick and easy to start conversations with your audiences using video to boost engagement and increase content.

Content You Can Use

Get usage rights out of the way and add your own Terms of Service. All responses are sent privately to your Shinebig account.

Shinebig is your amazingly simple, all-in-one audience engagement and user‑generated content solution designed to help support your digital marketing and communication needs.

Engage Your Audience

Shinebig pages help you start conversations and increase UGC using audience-personalized video. Ask a question, issue challenges, request stories and feedback.

Download Responses

Responses from your Shinebig pages appear right in your account dashboard and email inbox. View and download submissions, closed caption, and transcript files.

Track Engagement

Instantly view engagement metrics. See what conversations your audience are most engaged in and what resonates most.
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