Surveys that Connect.

ShineBIG surveys are single-page media-based surveys designed to grab audience attention and hold it.

Perform marketing research, crowdsource content, gather feedback, and make connections that you can build on.

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Surveys are a marketing channel too.
We have the services and technology you need to transform your data-driven survey efforts into a responsive marketing channel that produces engagement, content, and insight.

An example of a ShineBIG survey is embedded below. Click on the "Responses (Public)" tab to see an example of what moderated public responses look like.

  • Survey (responsive marketing channel) strategy.
  • Media and content production.
  • Survey incentives and fulfillment strategy and support.
  • Customized survey reports and analysis.
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  • Build single-page video, audio, and image based surveys.
  • Reward respondents for participation and response quality.
  • Create moderated content galleries.
  • Easily embed surveys into your website.
  • Customizable messaging.
  • Create templates for different product lines and users.
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