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The easiest way to boost audience engagement and increase user-generated content online.

As simple and easy as recording a 30-second video. Start conversations, capture stories, and increase attendee engagement using our video-based, interactive audience engagement pages.

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New Media Organizations

Boost Engagement. Generate Content. Increase Attention.

 Engage Audiences

Engage audiences with personalized videos that speak directly to them. Ask questions, make requests for stories and feedback and give them the ability to respond right there.

 Capture Stories

Collect stories and feedback from your audience. Grow your library of authentic content for social channels and inspire sponsors to participate at even higher levels.

 Deepen Insights

Develop deeper insight about your audience. What questions resonate? What themes and ideas stand out?
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Why Use Shinebig?
  • Reward audiences by directly engaging them in a way that will feel like a 1-on-1 conversation.
  • Easily add more opportunities to collaborate with your sponsors and advertisers (or attract new ones).
  • Creatively integrate user-generated content into your shows or social posts.
  • Help your sponsors build brand loyalty and engage with your audiences more authentically.
  • Go beyond chat and comment sections to gauge reader sentiment and reactions.
  • This is a fresh, new way to engage with your audience.
  • And more...
How To Use Shinebig?
  • Use short, personalized videos recorded by your show hosts to engage audiences in authentic, direct ways.
  • Put your audience in the spotlight, highlight user-generated content in your own content.
  • Solicit feedback from your viewers in a way that goes beyond comments sections and chats.
  • Ask questions on behalf of sponsors and advertisers that generate rewards for your audience when they respond.
  • Shout out to your most loyal viewers and subscribers.
  • Create contests or giveaways based on content submissions.
  • And more...
  • Create video questions that are tailored to each member of the audience, allowing for a more personal connection.
  • Allow audience members to respond to these questions using photos, videos, or audio clips.
  • Encourage audience members to share their responses with their friends and family.
  • Provide an easy way for potential sponsors to respond to questions and join the conversation.
  • Encourage sponsors to share their responses and advertise their participation in the platform.
  • Create incentives for audience members to participate in the platform, such as discounts or prizes.
  • Analyze and track data from responses to gain insights into audience engagement.
  • Allow viewers to submit questions that can be answered with photos, videos, or audio clips
  • Create personalized videos that feature the organizationís staff and/or sponsors
  • Utilize the platform to promote upcoming events and special offers
  • Invite sponsors to submit videos featuring their products or services
  • Create videos featuring staff responding to questions from viewers
  • Invite viewers to submit feedback on products and services
  • Encourage viewers to share their responses with friends and family
  • Provide exclusive access to content and offers for viewers who submit responses
  • Analyze responses to better understand audience preferences and interests

The Shinebig Flow

Personalized Video Boosts Engagement. Engagement Increases Content.

When to Use Shinebig?
  • To energize and engage viewers by putting the spotlight on them.
  • Introduce new shows, hosts, or cast members to your audience by engaging viewers directly.
  • In support of support of new or ongoing shows.
  • When you need content and content ideas.
  • Drive engagement for your sponsors around their product or service.
  • Before and after in-person or virtual events you attend.
  • For sponsored contests and giveaways.
  • Help your sponsors gather qualitative data and insights.
  • And more...
  • In email campaigns
  • On social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • In webinars and live stream events
  • On podcasts and radio shows
  • On YouTube channels
  • In blog posts and articles
  • In virtual conferences and summits
  • In influencer campaigns
  • On digital billboards and other outdoor advertising formats
  • At trade shows and other in-person events
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
  • On their websites and blogs
  • In email campaigns
  • In newsletters sent out to subscribers
  • In press releases
  • On their video channels
  • In video interviews with influencers, celebrities, sponsors, and partners
  • Through paid advertisements on other platforms
  • On events and conferences they attend
  • During podcast and radio shows they are featured on
  • Periodic check-ins with alumni.
  • Before and after development drives.
  • Generate content for use in social posts and at events.
  • Celebrate big wins and support current students.
  • Gather alumni content for alumni publications.
  • Before and after in-person or virtual events.
  • For short check-ins and qualitative surveys.
  • And more...
Where to Use Shinebig?
  • Targeted Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Linked from Social Posts
  • Embedded on Event-Based Microsites
  • And more ... sign up today and start exploring!

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