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Boost fan engagement in-season and off-season. Add deep engagement opportunities to your sponsorship portfolio within minutes.

As simple and easy as recording a 30-second video. Start conversations, capture stories, and increase fan engagement using our video-based, interactive audience engagement pages.

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Sports Teams

Boost Fan Engagement. Add More Digital Opportunities For Your Sponsors.

 Engage Fans

Engage audiences with personalized videos that speak directly to them. Ask questions, make requests for stories, issue challenges and give your fans the ability to respond right there.

 Capture Stories

Collect stories and feedback from your fans. Grow your library of authentic content for your social channels. Invite your digital sponsors to participate at even higher levels.

 Download Content

Download content you can use. Develop deeper insight about your fanbase. What resonates? What themes and ideas stand out?
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Why Use Shinebig?
  • Easily add more opportunities to collaborate with your sponsors (or attract new ones).
  • Boost fan engagement with personalized videos that take seconds for your athletes to record and generate fan-content you can use.
  • Generate more revenue or add value to existing sponsorship offerings.
  • Build stronger relationships with your fan base and increase loyalty.
  • Engage with and inspire up-and-coming athletes to broaden your teams fan base.
  • Does not compete with your other engagement platforms and social channels.
  • And more...
How To Use Shinebig?
  • Use personalized videos created by athletes and coaches to deepen fan engagement and increase fan-generated content you can use.
  • Create a series of fun and engaging questions, asked by your ahtletes or coaches, giving fans the opportunity to respond with their videos, photos, or audio clips.
  • Highlight fan responses to questions or challenges before and after games.
  • Ask your fans questions on behalf of your team's sponsors (or supported charities) - reward and highlight fans who send in great content by posting their submissions on your social channels.
  • And more...
  • Send personalized videos to speakers and ask them questions about their talk or presentation.
  • Allow your speakers to send out their own questions to attendees pre-event and generate even more on-topic engagement.
  • Ask attendees about who they are and what topics they are most interested in - great for social posts.
  • Run a short qualitative data survey on event topics and ideas.
  • Highlight the value of attending your events by putting the spotlight on the attendees themselves in their own photos and video content.
  • Ask attendees questions on behalf of event sponsors - reward attendees who send in great content.
  • Follow up with attendees periodically after the event to get feedback and check in.
  • Use attendee stories and content captured before the event at the event.
  • Create videos that are fun, creative, and engaging
  • Share the videos on social media platforms
  • Include questions that will encourage fans to participate
  • Encourage fans to post photos, videos, or audio clips in response to the questions
  • Reward fans who participate with prizes or discounts
  • Engage with fans by responding to their posts
  • Analyze the data from the responses to gain insights into fan preferences
  • Use the insights to create more engaging content for fans
  • Create an introductory video that explains the new platform and how it works.
  • Create a series of themed questions that fans can answer with photos, videos, or audio clips.
  • Include a link to the platform in newsletters, emails, and other communications with fans.
  • Post questions on social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Reward fans who respond to questions with merchandise, tickets, or other prizes.
  • Utilize the platform to ask fans for feedback on team performance and ideas for improvement.
  • Share fan responses on social media to further engage with the fan base.
  • Share the videos across social media platforms to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Analyze the responses to the questions to gain insights into the opinions of the fans.
  • Use the data gathered to identify trends and create content that better meets the needs of the fans.
  • Incorporate the insights into the teamís marketing strategy to improve fan engagement.

The Shinebig Flow

Personalized Video Boosts Engagement. Engagement Increases Content.

When to Use Shinebig?
  • Generate content and content ideas for social posts.
  • Drive engagement for team sponsors around their product or service.
  • Introducing new players to the fan base.
  • For sponsored pre-game contests and giveaways.
  • Before and after game days.
  • In between seasons to keep fans engaged and connected.
  • To help your sponsors gather qualitative data and insights.
  • Engage fans around the holidays.
  • Crowdsource ideas for team-related content and activities
  • And more...
  • Share behind-the-scenes training and practice footage
  • Encourage fans to ask the team questions about upcoming games
  • Offer exclusive discounts and offers for fans who answer questions
  • Ask for feedback on new merchandise designs
  • Ask fans to submit photos of themselves wearing team gear
  • Highlight fan-made artwork, videos, and stories
  • Invite fans to share their favorite memories of games they've attended
  • Organize virtual meet-ups with players and coaches
  • Offer fans the chance to be featured in promotional material
  • Create a fan-driven video montage of their favorite team moments
  • Host a virtual Q&A session with the team
  • Crowdsource ideas for team-related content and activities
  • Get creative with how fans can show their support for the team
  • Send personalized video messages to fans via social media
  • Share personalized video messages in team emails
  • Post videos to team websites
  • Include videos in team newsletters
  • Run competitions and giveaways with personalized video messages
  • Include personalized video messages in team merchandise
  • Include personalized video messages in team apps
  • Run campaigns for fans to share their own personalized video messages with the team
  • Run campaigns for fans to send personalized video messages to other fans
  • Create personalized video messages for team events and functions
  • Send personalized video messages to sponsors and partners
Where to Use Shinebig?
  • Fan-subscribed Emails
  • In Sponsor's Emails.
  • Team Newsletter
  • Linked from Social Posts
  • Printed Game Day Materials (QR Codes)
  • Embedded on Team (or Sponsor's) Website or Special Microsites
  • And more ... sign up today and start exploring!

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