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Boost reader engagement, increase reader-generated content, add new areas for advertising & sponsorship with ease.

As simple and easy as recording a 30-second video. Start conversations, capture stories, and increase reader engagement using our video-based, interactive audience engagement pages.

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Email Newsletters

Boost Reader Engagement. Increase Reader-Generated Content. Inspire Sponsors.

 Engage Readers

Engage your email newsletter readers with targeted audience-personalized videos that connect. Ask questions, make requests for stories and feedback.

 Capture Stories

Collect stories and feedback from your readers. Grow your library of authentic content for social channels and inspire sponsors to participate.

 Deepen Insights

Download content and develop deeper insights about your readers. What questions resonate? What themes and ideas stand out?
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Why Use Shinebig?
  • Easily add more opportunities to collaborate with your sponsors.
  • Creatively integrate audience-generated content into your shows, special segments or social posts.
  • Reward followers and fans by directly engaging them in a way that will feel like a 1-on-1 conversation.
  • Help your sponsors build brand loyalty and engage with your audience more authentically.
  • Go beyond chat and comment sections to gauge audience sentiment and reactions.
  • This is a fresh, new way to engage with and build an audience.
  • And more...
  • Videos are a more engaging medium than traditional text-based newsletters.
  • Personalized videos allow readers to connect with the newsletter and its writers in a more meaningful way.
  • Questions posed in the videos can help gain insight into the preferences and opinions of readers.
  • By allowing readers to respond with photos, videos, or audio clips, it encourages them to be creative and have fun with the newsletter.
  • The platform helps to open up a two-way dialogue between the newsletter writer and its readers, which can help boost reader engagement.
  • Allows writers to reach a wider audience with engaging content
  • Allows for more personalized interactions with readers
  • Readers can respond to questions and comments in a variety of ways (photos, videos, audio clips)
  • Provides an interactive experience that will help keep readers engaged and interested
  • Allows writers to gain insights into their audience by analyzing responses
  • Helps build a strong connection between readers and writers
How To Use Shinebig?
  • Reward paid or email subscribers with a deeper level of engagement.
  • Ask questions on behalf of your sponsors that also generates rewards for your audience when they respond.
  • Put your audience in the spotlight, highlight audience-generated content in your own content.
  • Solicit feedback from your audience in a way that goes beyond comments sections and chats.
  • Shout out to your most loyal fans and followers.
  • Create contests or giveaways based on content submissions.
  • Use your creativity!
  • Create personalized video messages to ask readers questions with the new platform.
  • Allow readers to respond to questions with photos, videos, or audio clips.
  • Include engaging visuals in video messages to draw attention and keep readers interested.
  • Use the platform to solicit feedback from readers about what topics they would like to see covered in the newsletter.
  • Make the videos interactive by allowing readers to respond with their own photos, videos, or audio clips.
  • Include a call to action in the video messages to encourage readers to take action.
  • Track reader engagement by monitoring the number of responses to the videos.
  • Create short, personalized videos to interact with readers and ask questions
  • Include questions that readers can respond to with photos, videos, or audio clips
  • Make sure to ask questions that are interesting and relevant to readers
  • Provide incentives or rewards for readers who respond to questions
  • Encourage readers to share their responses on social media
  • Follow up with readers who have responded to questions
  • Analyze the response data to better understand reader engagement

The Shinebig Flow

Personalized Video Boosts Engagement. Engagement Increases Content.

When to Use Shinebig?
  • In support of an upcoming series or topic of discussion.
  • When you need content and content ideas.
  • Drive engagement for your sponsors around their product or service.
  • Before and after in-person or virtual events you attend.
  • For sponsored contests and giveaways.
  • Help your sponsors gather qualitative data and insights.
  • And more...
Where to Use Shinebig?
  • In your newsletters
  • In special emails
  • Embed it on your website or microsite
  • Post on social channels
  • Include in your profile descriptions
  • On sponsor social channels
  • And more possibilities ... sign up today and start exploring!

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