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Boost attendee engagement before and after your events. Easily generate more on-topic content with smaller teams & budgets.

As simple and easy as recording a 30-second video. Start conversations, capture stories, and increase attendee engagement using our video-based, interactive audience engagement pages.

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Events & Conferences

Boost Attendee Engagement. Easily Generate Event-Related Content.

 Engage Attendees

Engage attendees with targeted audience-personalized videos that connect. Ask questions, make requests for stories and feedback.

 Capture Stories

Collect stories and testimonials from your attendees and speakers. Grow your library of authentic content for social channels and marketing materials.

 Deepen Insights

Develop deeper insight about your event attendees. What questions resonate? What themes and ideas stand out?
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Why Use Shinebig?
  • Boost attendee engagement with personalized videos that take only seconds to record and inspire responses.
  • Gain new perspectives on the needs and wants of attendees and speakers in an authentic, personalized way.
  • Build deeper relationships and greater trust with your stakeholders.
  • An easy sponsorship add-on that can help you generate more revenue or add value to existing sponsorship offerings.
  • Build up your content library for pre-event social posts.
  • Capture valuable qualitative data about your attendees and the event.
  • Check in with your attendees in a more friendly, engaging way after the event.
  • And more...
How To Use Shinebig?
  • Send personalized videos to speakers and ask them questions about their talk or presentation.
  • Allow your speakers to send out their own questions to attendees pre-event and generate even more on-topic engagement.
  • Ask attendees about who they are and what topics they are most interested in - great for social posts.
  • Run a short qualitative data survey on event topics and ideas.
  • Highlight the value of attending your events by putting the spotlight on the attendees themselves in their own photos and video content.
  • Ask attendees questions on behalf of event sponsors - reward attendees who send in great content.
  • Follow up with attendees periodically after the event to get feedback and check in.
  • Use attendee stories and content captured before the event at the event.
  • And more...

The Shinebig Flow

Personalized Video Boosts Engagement. Engagement Increases Content.

When to Use Shinebig?
  • Before and after conferences and events.
  • Generate content and content ideas for social posts.
  • Drive engagement for event sponsors around their product or service.
  • Build interest and excitement around event speakers and topics.
  • For sponsored pre-event contests and giveaways.
  • Maintain event engagement in between events being held.
  • Help your sponsors gather qualitative data and insights.
  • And more...
Where to Use Shinebig?
  • Include in attendee event emails and email newsletters
  • Embed it on your website or microsite
  • Post on social channels
  • On printed marketing materials (QR Codes)
  • Include with your event merch (QR Codes)
  • On event-sponsor social channels
  • Ask attendees for feedback on their experience during the event
  • Send personalized messages to potential attendees to encourage them to register
  • Invite speakers to introduce themselves and highlight their accomplishments
  • Ask attendees to share their favorite moments from the event
  • Invite sponsors to show
  • case their products or services
  • Ask attendees to share their thoughts on a certain topic related to the event
  • Invite speakers to share their advice to attendees
  • Ask attendees to submit questions to speakers ahead of time
  • Ask attendees to provide suggestions on how to improve the event
  • Invite attendees to share their experiences with the event organizers
  • Ask speakers engaging questions prior to the event to get them excited about attending.
  • Create polls and surveys to measure attendee satisfaction and get feedback.
  • Invite potential attendees to get a glimpse of the event beforehand and ask them why they would want to attend.
  • Ask attendees what they're looking forward to and use their responses to create engaging content.
  • Ask exhibitors and sponsors why they're excited to be a part of the event.
  • Ask attendees to share their experiences and provide feedback on the event.
  • Ask speakers to share their favorite tips and tricks related to the event's topic.
  • Ask attendees to share photos and videos from the event.
  • Ask attendees to provide their opinions on the event's content and speakers.
  • Ask attendees for their thoughts on what can be improved for future events.
  • And more possibilities ... sign up today and start exploring!

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